'Pupils enjoy coming to school, learning is exciting because topics are interesting'. Ofsted November 2018

At Hodnet Primary School, we endeavour to provide a broad and balanced, but flexible, curriculum which meets the needs of our children, and enables every child to fulfil their potential. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our curriculum to the interests and needs of our children and involve the children in their own learning as much as possible.

Across all areas of the curriculum, we try to give children an understanding not only of what they are learning, but why they are learning it. In this way, we can make children’s learning much more meaningful. We use a range of teaching styles to appeal to different children’s learning styles; these include demonstration, discussion, using visual stimuli
or models, Computing, research work and drama based activities. Sometimes, children will work individually, sometimes they will work in pairs and sometimes in groups, depending on the activity. Teaching in the school appeals very much to children’s learning styles, with a good mixture of visual, auditory and movement activities to help children learn as well as they possibly can.

Each classroom has a digital projector and a range of other I.C.T. equipment. The children also have access to a set of laptops and I Pads which, thanks to the wireless network, can be used anywhere in the school.

Phonetic approach to reading – we use the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme to deliver daily phonics sessions throughout Early Years and Key Stage One. We also supplement our Letters and Sounds programme with a range of resources from Phonics Bug and Synthetic Phonics. We continually assess and monitor the children to ensure they are taught at the appropriate phase of learning. We teach in small groups and ensure the children are progressing through the stages at an appropriate pace. We provide additional interventions at early stages where needed. Reading is a vital skill for learning across the curriculum, therefore it is at the heart of our curriculum. Our reading scheme offers a range of books; phonetic decodable books, non-fiction books, stories and more.

The full range of National Curriculum subjects is taught in the school as follows:

Computing (Previously ICT)
Physical Education (PE)
Religious Education (RE)
Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) Including Citizenship and Relationships, Sex Education (RSE)
Modern Foreign Languages (Key Stage 2)

Further details about these subjects can be obtained from school if required. Please see the curriculum document links below for information about the learning objectives.

'Topics are planned to last throughout the term to promote deep learning'. Ofsted November 2018

Shropshire schools – Curriculum updates
Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) Including Citizenship and Relationships, Sex Education (RSE)

We currently deliver the award winning, quality assured, cross phase Shropshire Respect Yourself Eat Better, Move More, RSE curriculum year 1-5 and the RSE Transition programme year 6&7. Key updates are provided as required. These, in conjunction with online safety lessons and our updated lessons on sexting and consent (upper KS2) fulfills the proposed curriculum requirements for RSE.
We are going to take the opportunity to review how we ensure our SEND pupils receive differentiated delivery appropriate to their needs. It is anticipated that support and training will be made available to assist us. We will also review our whole school approach in the context of Shropshire guidance on Transgender and LGBT.
We have been advised that the emotional and mental health aspect will be met by delivering the PSHE Association emotional mental health curriculum. We will consider using this in the light of DfE requirements. The requirements to meet the physical health curriculum will be in part be met from our existing delivery of Respect Yourself: Eat Better, Move More but may required some additional emphasis for example on first aid. We will review this in light of confirmed guidance from DfE in consultation with Shropshire Public Health Curriculum Advisor. In addition we are aware that Shropshire has updated guidance on management of drug related incidents and drug education.
We will update our policy and curriculum approach in the light of this guidance and confirmed requirements from the DfE.
Our policies for RSE, Drug Education, PSHE etc. will therefore be reviewed and be updated in line with confirmed DfE requirements. We await notification of the time scale for this.

'Leaders have created a broad and balanced curriculum that is built around pupils' interests, the local area and national curriculum requirements'. Ofsted November 2018


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