School Achievements and Data

This page aims to showcase our achievements and provide data comparisons to national figures. This will show you a snapshot of our schools performance in core subject areas. We are exceptionally proud of all of our children and whilst we celebrate these achievements, please also visit other pages on our website to see achievements and highlights of all aspects of learning at our school.

Using the link below you can access the DFE performance tables website with information about our school.

Due to Covid restrictions and national lockdowns, the most up to date school data is from the 2018/19 academic year. All statutory assessments were cancelled in 2020 and 2021. The data below, though outdated now, is an example of outstanding achievement. We are exceptionally proud of our children’s progress and attainment.

Data for 2019 is simply outstanding.

Early Years (18 children)
 % achieved a Good Level of Development
Hodnet School    78%

Shropshire LA    71.1% (2018)

National             70.7% (2018)

Reading 83%, Writing 78%, Maths 83% achieved the expected standard or above.   

Key Stage One (26 children)
 % achieved expected standard or above                                        
Reading                       92%                    (76% National Average)           35% above expected

Writing (TA)                 85%                    (70% National Average)           23% above expected

Maths                           85%                   (76% National Average)           31% above expected

Phonics screening
18 children in year 1 and 1 child in year 2
                                                                           School          Shropshire LA        National            
% achieved the expected standard Year 1            94%                    TBC                85%

% achieved the expected standard Year 2           100%                   TBC                56%

Key Stage Two SAT’s and Teacher Assessment  (18 children)

% Expected Standard             School          Shropshire LA        National  

Reading                                   78%                    75%                     73%

SPaG                                        94%                    –                         78%

Writing (TA)                             89%                    79%                     78%

Maths                                      94%                    78%                     79%

% High score above Expected Standard 
                                              School          Shropshire LA        National  

Reading                                   61%                    28%                    27%

SPaG                                        50%                    –                        36%

Writing (TA)                             28%                    21%                    20%

Maths                                      56%                    26%                    27%

Overall 78% achieved expected level or above in Reading, Writing and Maths, with 22% achieving beyond the expected level in Reading, Writing and Maths combined.

Nationally 65% achieved the expected level and 11% achieved above in R, W, M combined.

2019 data is outstanding and to be extremely proud of. 

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