Our Staff

Headteacher – Mrs Penny Lyall

​Administrator- Mrs Dawn O’Connor

School Staff 2023/24


Reception Class – Mrs Emma Noden and Mrs Katie Akers

Class 1 – Mrs Laura Bessant

Class 2 – Miss Hayley Manton

Class 3 – Mrs Ceri Williams 

Class 4 – Mrs Katrina Huxtable 

Class 5 – Mrs Ruth Arnold and Miss Sharon Evans

Class 6 – Miss Jenny Darmanin

Teaching Assistants and SENTA's

Reception Class – Mrs Anna Freeman

Class 1 – Mrs Deb Batkin

Class 2 – Mrs Judy Jones 

Class 3 – Ms Kirsten Clasper, Miss Jess Hayes and  Mrs Patrica Bustin

Class 4 – Mrs Jo Mason and Mrs Jane Rhoden

Class 5 –  Mrs Alison Clarkson

Class 6 – Mrs Jo MacCallum and Mrs Maxine Gregory

Intervention Support Team including Pastoral Support

Ms Jo Mason leads social and emotional pupil support throughout school

Mrs Lara Chaplin leads academic interventions throughout school

Mrs Ceri Williams leads the first aid team throughout school

Ms Jo Mason lead physical support interventions throughout school

Kitchen staff

Miss Amanda Mitchell 

Mrs Jill Ward

Mrs Stephanie Griffiths

Lunchtime supervisors

Mrs Jackie Evans

Mrs Jemma Morgan

Mrs Judy Jones

Mrs Alison Clarkson

Mrs Jane Rhoden

Mrs Anna Freeman

Mrs Jo MacCallum

Miss Jess Hayes 

Mrs Maxine Gregory

Wraparound Care staff (Breakfast and After School clubs)

Mrs Jane Rhoden

Mrs Jackie Evans

Mrs Jill Ward

Caretaking and Facilities management

Mrs Jemma Morgan

Cleaners managed by Prime Facilities – Mrs Jemma Morgan & Ms Sharon Taylor

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