School Vision, Ethos and Values

'All staff place importance on pupils' wellbeing as much as their academic success. As a result, pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education...' Ofsted 2018

Enabling and succeeding in a nurturing environment

Hodnet Primary School aims to provide the best possible education, recognising that every child is special and has individual needs and abilities. 

To achieve this we will:

  • provide the highest possible quality of education in a stimulating, creative, secure environment in which all children achieve their full potential;
  • help each child to become a good citizen, with a lively appreciation of what he or she can contribute to society, and with sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of others;
  • maintain a partnership with all groups within the school and the wider community;
  • create a caring confident community where everyone is excited by the challenges they meet;
  • ensure that children have a wide range of enriching experiences and opportunities to encourage a lifelong love of learning;
  • encourage self discipline appropriate to the occasion and task, persevering in the face of difficulties;
  • encourage an appreciation and understanding of other lives and cultures.

“Enabling our children to learn and succeed in a nurturing environment “.    Stakeholders agreed vision statement. 

Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe...

We follow three main behaviour promises to enable our school to be a happy, welcoming place to enable children to learn, grow and succeed. We know that we can apply the terms Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe to any situation throughout our time in school. We have generated these three promises together as a whole team including all staff and children by sharing examples of qualities we would like to see from people in our school, then categorising them into the three groups. Our SLT team have been inspired by the work of Paul Dix and we aim to incorporate some of his principles throughout school. 

Values and British Values

Our assemblies and daily acts of collective worship follow key themes which are at the core of our vision, values and aims for our children. These themes run half termly and are the focus of our sharing and understanding both in class and in assembly. 

  • Perseverance – we keep trying
  • Hope – we aim high
  • Appreciation – we understand
  • Resilience – we are tough
  • Respect – we appreciate those around us
  • Patience – we wait, share and turn take
  • Compassion – we care about others and ourselves
  • Thoughtfulness – we think about others
  • Responsibility – we are accountable
We also ensure we teach and actively promote British Values to ensure children have a sound understanding of British culture, community and the values which underpin our society.  We teach our children to be respectful and tolerant of difference, including different faiths and beliefs. We ensure our children demonstrate good manners and have an understanding of how and why to be respectful and courteous.  We promote democracy and fairness whilst ensuring children have an understanding of the need to follow the rules. We cover the British Values half termly within our Daily Acts of Worship and PHSE curriculum and ensure our general practise reflects the values. 
  • Rule of Law – appreciating and following the rules
  • Tolerance – accepting difference all around us
  • Democracy – our right to have our say
  • Individual Liberty – our right to be unique
  • Respect – appreciation for the wishes and feelings of others
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